Ringlock is a Rosette-style modular scaffolding system. Consisting of basic components, the Rosette allows for up to eight connections at a single node point.

With a vertical Rosette spacing of 19-11/16″ (.5M), this modular scaffold is becoming the most common type in use today. Ringlock scaffolding systems are available in both metric and imperial sizing.


Ringlock Vertical components are the basic pieces of the Ringlock system. Each Vertical features:

  • Spacing between Rosettes vertically: 9-11/16″ (.5M)
  • Top spacing: 3-15/16″ (100cm) above the top Rosette on each Vertical
  • Bottom spacing: 15-3/4″ (400cm) below the bottom Rosette
  • Spigots are bolted or pressed into top of each Vertical


Ringlock Horizontals are the pieces that give the scaffold its bay sizes. Available in sizes ranging from 1’ to 10’. Available in both imperial and metric sizes.

Truss – Double Ledger & Plates

Ringlock Trusses are used when the span between Verticals is greater than 5’ and is required to carry a load. All plank levels with bearers longer than 5’ require the use of trusses.

Lattice Girders

Lattice Girders are available in several lengths to accommodate long spans with load-carrying characteristics. All Lattice Girders are 19-11/16″ (.5M) tall and span two Rosettes vertically.

Diagonal Braces

Diagonal Braces, also known as Vertical Diagonals and Bay Braces, are fitted pieces to brace scaffold in 6’ 6″ (2M) increments vertically. Part numbers for these components are indicated by the bay size they fit in (e.g., when installed, an RDB030 3’ Vertical Diagonal fits in a 3’ wide bay by 6’ 6″ [2M] tall).


Ringlock Stair components feature a wedge head design in the stringers, making them very versatile. The stringers replace the ledgers at the planked landing locations. It is strongly recommended that Ringlock Stairs be used with either the 12.5″ wide or the 9″ wide drop-in type planks. The stair units use standard RDB diagonal braces for handrails.

Side Bracket

Side Brackets are used to extend the working platform.


Ringlock Accessories feature a number of items designed to make your job site more productive. From Caster Adapters to Spigot Clamps, these components make installation faster and easier, using fitted parts for a complete installation.

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