Mass and Modular Drop Head Shoring Systems

Sunnyvale, CA

When it comes to making the right choice for achieving success in unique project requirements, ScaffSource’s Modular Drop-Head shoring system stands out as the quickest and most efficient solution. With this particular project, which involved varying heights, ScaffSource seamlessly addressed the challenge by supplying steel primary posts along with 2ft and 3ft extensions, effectively accommodating all standard shoring height variations.

As there were some high bay areas on this project, ScaffSource’s MASS® Aluminum shoring system played a crucial role. It allowed for a seamless transition, as the customer leveraged the same horizontal primary aluminum ledgers and secondary LVL components used in ScaffSource’s Modular Drop-Head® shoring system. This ensured an optimal and straightforward solution for our valued client.

Project Specific Details:

  • SQFT: 26,600 Slab Thicknesses: 9” thick
  • Posts: Steel primary posts +2ft and 3ft extensions tied in with MASS high bay posts.
  • Grid Pattern: 6’x 8’ typical
  • This was one of two buildings going up simultaneously on the project in Sunnyvale, CA. The building included three sub-parking levels and five post tension elevated slabs above ground.