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For over three decades, ScaffSource has stood as the cornerstone of reliability in scaffolding and shoring solutions. Established in 1992, we’ve consistently delivered excellence in rental, design, and sales services to a diverse array of industries.

Our commitment to quality and innovation has made us a trusted partner across the petrochemical, refining, offshore, manufacturing, and power generation sectors, as well as in commercial, marine, and staging markets.

With more than 17 million pieces of scaffold inventory and a rapidly expanding shoring collection, ScaffSource is equipped to handle projects of any scale and complexity. Our strategically located inventory yards across the U.S. ensure swift and cost-effective delivery, mitigating schedule challenges and optimizing logistics for your convenience.

Backed by our experienced team, we provide seamless work access solutions that empower you to execute your projects with precision and efficiency, every time.


ScaffSource is a scaffolding rental company and shoring material sales and rental provider. Our wide range of universal accessories can be used with all major scaffold types so you have exactly what you need for your project.

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Scaffolding Solutions

Ringlock Scaffolding:

Versatile modular system for rapid setup and dismantling. Ideal for both ground-up and suspended applications.

Cuplock Scaffolding:

Fully galvanized steel system for robust support and general access. Unique circular node point for quick and secure connections. Includes options for staircases and mobile towers.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding:

Highly versatile system consisting of steel tubes and clamps. Allows for flexible connections between horizontal and vertical tubes. Suitable for projects with heavy loads and diverse specifications.

Shoring Products Offered

Aluminum Beams and Stringers:

The ScaffSource Aluminum Joist (SSAJ) is lightweight and high strength, ideal for completing projects or supplementing existing inventories for larger endeavors.

Post Shores:

High-strength, galvanized post shores suitable for a range of projects, from renovation to back and beam shoring.


A full range of accessories to fully build out your project, ensuring efficiency and safety on your worksite.


Using innovative 3D modeling, we create the most accurate scaffold designs so you can begin your project on time and within budget. Our expert project management team has over 150 years of combined experience and is dedicated to overseeing all aspects of a project, from timeframe to budget, quality, and safety.

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At ScaffSource, we’re committed to delivering precision and efficiency from project planning to execution.

Our 3D modeling services offer unparalleled accuracy, allowing us to verify the exact inventory needed to kickstart your project seamlessly. By simplifying complex projects, and providing better visualization and planning, we ensure safer execution and deliver cost savings in both labor and materials.

Whether it’s a single large application or comprehensive design services for clash mitigation across an entire unit or project, we’re here to streamline your scaffolding needs from start to finish.

Benefits of ScaffSource Scaffold 3-D Design & Modeling:

Precise Inventory Management

Ensure optimal project execution with accurate piece counts and reduced rework.

Efficiency Through Integration

Seamlessly integrate scaffold design with project planning for streamlined processes.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Provide staff with clearer scaffold erection procedures and ensure regulatory compliance.

Tailored Support

Receive on-site/off-site support during planning with front-end engineer designs for customized solutions and practical expertise.

Cost Efficiency

Identify labor and material savings opportunities early in the process for improved cost efficiency and productivity boost.


We understand location is everything. Our nationwide network is strategically located to provide convenient access to one of the largest and broadest inventories of scaffolding, shoring, and value-added services.